ANTWERP, (Belgium) / FLORIDA, (USA) - SEPTEMBER 30th, 2015. Production Pirates unveiled their newest brand activation attraction, exclusively made for The Walt Disney Company.

The Star Wars Laser Adventure

kicking off the national promotion tour for the highly anticipated new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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Across the country fans of the Star Wars franchise will get to experience the world of Star Wars like never before, as the Star Wars Laser Adventure physically and interactively thrills them, at every step of a fully immersive laser maze, unlike any other brand activation experience. Cutting-edge laser technology is being fused with an exclusive movie trailer screening in a themed environment, for the first time as part of a national tour, starting with stops at several Carrefour Hypermarkets, the major player in food & non food retailer markets in Belgium, in the lead-up to the December release of the movie. 

In this specially designed and uniquely integrated laser tunnel, inside of an (18m/60ft!) articulated bus, this mobile game attraction evolves into a place where ‘experience' meets ‘competition’ as visitors can challenge each other by trying to set a new record to the latest high score. Guests must use their “force" to navigate a web of red, high-tech fixed and even moving lasers, during this interactive movie trailer experience. Kids can also watch content from the Star Wars Rebels series, play Disney Infinity 3.0 or even build their own Lego Star Wars spaceship.

Technical Captain & CEO, Marc Broeders
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Production Pirates was thrilled to create and deliver a world première not to be found anywhere else on this planet! This is really an one-of-a-kind themed and immersive brand activation experience to go on the road with. After the 'Avengers Experience Tour' for Marvel this is yet another box office draw we get to work on. It will add another exclusive element to our brand activation activities and will expand our partnership with Disney even more. We are more than ever determined to sail strong on the creative seas!

Creative Captain & CEO, David Stuyck
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Admission for the Star Wars Laser Adventure is entirely free, and no purchase is required. The Star Wars Laser Adventure will prime fans for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the most anticipated and seventh chapter of the popular Lucasfilm franchise. The Story is set approximately 30 years after the events of Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi (1983) and the first film in the planned third Star Wars trilogy, announced after The Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of Lucasfilm.

For additional tour information or bookings, please contact:

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About Production Pirates

Production Pirates is an independent, international award winning show and theatre production company, specialized in the theme park/leisure business and themed brand activation experiences.

Our team is comprised with creative multi-disciplined professionals, committed to high quality output, great ideas, and best in class business practices with low cost/high quality results.

Production Pirates is a brand new company, founded in March 2012 as a result of two industry professionals with over 35 years combined experience, that knew they could offer more to the market than was currently available.

From event experiences, brand activation support, promotions to (tailor made) show productions for the theme park industry, the production pirates are constantly expanding their boundries. This strategic alliance has helped us to ensure that we expanded our technical ability in all areas of entertainment technology, ensuring that a qualified and experienced team is available at every stage of a project from consultation and initial design to final commissioning.

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Our goal is to make your project less stormy, by serving as personal project managers, assembling your customized project using a rich commercial resource network, and personally overseeing each project from beginning to end. You’ll get a crew who really know what promotions, events, performance sound and light is all about, from design to installation to operating the show itself, guiding you into the right direction.

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The Captains

The Production Pirates leadership is comprised of two multi-disciplined creative professionals, each bringing their specialized skill-set and unique perspective, who have joined forces to launch a company that provides its clients with dedicated personal service, convenience, quality output, competitive pricing structures, creative solutions and the ability to deploy customized work... for each project.

Being event & promotion professionals, both Marc Broeders (47) and David Stuyck (35) knew how important personal service and attention to detail was to the client, but as sole trader’s both could only bring that level of service to a small number of businesses on a small scale basis. The idea of amalgamating into one company was to expand that personal, creative and passionate service driven ethic into larger and more diverse projects.